Friday, October 30, 2009

Arts and Crafts are Us

Tailor Made Tiles

What Do We Do?

We take any photo, graphic or artwork of yours and produce a single custom tile or a large multi-tile color mural, size is not a limitation. You can turn your images into long lasting one-of-a-kind custom art. Have an idea but don't have the image? we can locate images for you to select from. Old photograph? Touch-ups are always included in our process. Always Tailor-Made to your need and the final product application.

How Do We Do It?

Once you have determined what you want us to produce the fun (for us) begins. The image is modified using our digital technology and broken down into the individual tile size. Then the images are printed into the proper media (we call this our transfer) using either dye or ceramic pigments. The transfer is allowed to dry for anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, again dependent on the final product you want us to produce. The transfer is then placed on each tile individually by hand. The final process involves pressure, heat and time. These can vary greatly depending on the final product, some may only take a few minutes at a few hundred degrees and others are cooked at well in excess of a thousand degrees for an overnight bake.

Email letter - just in case you didn't recieve it.

Thank you everyone who is vending at St. Patrick's Holiday Bazaar. At this
point you should have received your confirmation letter by email. If you
have not received it please let me know. The deadline has now passed for
money back on cancellations.

I am excited that our new professional signs have arrived and look great.
If you are in the Canby area and would like a sign to post in your yard or
corner contact me so I can get one out to you! If you are part of the St.
Patrick's Woman's Club I will have them with me at the November meeting.

It has come to my attention that all homemade food products need to be
labeled that they were made in a non-licensed kitchen (unless of course
you are licensed).

I have redone the floor plan and made room for 5 additional booths! If
you know of someone who would like to join us. Please pass on my email or
phone number. I will be posting on Craigslist shortly and expect the
remaining booths to fill up fast.

Remember that word of mouth is the best advertising we can get. I am
attaching an additional flyer for you print out. Please pass these along
to any group you belong to, friends and family or businesses in your area.

The following are the type of goods we have this year! I am so excited to
see everything. Don't hesitate to email me photos to post on the website.

Sterling silver jewelry
Sewing: Linens/Aprons
Sewing: Fleece hats
Sewing: Eco cuffs
Xmas gifts/decor
Sewing: Western linens
Princess gifts/stick horses
sewing: tote bags, tooth fairy pillows
paper cards
Photo cards
Antiqued signs
Wood crafts
Scroll work
Hair bows
Heat pads, fruit fly traps
Kids stuff
Play dough
Painted rocks
Stain glass
Licensed sweet treats

Thanks so much!

Margaret's stocking stuffers!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Floor Plan

With a new floor plan we were able to add 5 more spaces. Please get the word out if there is anyone who you know has interest in this bazaar.